Facilities Reservation

To those in our community, we plan to continue to make our facilities available to you as we can in the future. We recognize that our Fellowship Hall is one of the only places in town where a very large group can meet, especially with a commercial kitchen facility. Because our church is growing and we have started several new ministries in the past year, we have found our facilities are needed more by our own church ministries. Since we own much of the parking area downtown, we also do all we can to keep that open as we desire to support our local downtown businesses and our community.                                                                                                            
There are times when we must block off the parking lots due to church events where we need to park the folks coming to First Baptist. The following is the order of priority when it comes to scheduling our Fellowship Hall and other church buildings:
  • Church Staff Scheduled Events
  • Church Ministry Team/Committee Events
  • Church Member Events
  • Community Events


In order to keep our calendar free for the church ministries, no outside event can be scheduled prior to 6 months ahead.  To be fair to the community, we also need to limit any group from using the facility more than twice a year.

Please click on the links below for building policy and procedures and the cost list for renting our facilities.  The costs are simply to cover what the church expense is in hosting an event.  
Please check our church calendar first before completing the facilities reservation request form.