SERVICE TIMES:  SUNDAY | 8:30 & 11:00 A.M. – SUNDAY SCHOOL:  9:40 A.M.

FBC Family – 7/31/18

FBC Family:  Let me use this to remind you of three things.  Church members, please share with other members.
First, this Saturday the church family is encouraged to meet at 9:00 in the sanctuary. This will be a focus on prayer.  There will be those who walk our community and others who remain at the church to pray.  I would like for each classroom to be prayed over for the Sunday School and Discipleship teachers. I would like to be sure that someone prays on each pew in the sanctuary for those who will be seated there in the coming weeks.
Second, because of our crowding at the 11:00 service we have permanently added the choir loft chairs to the sanctuary.  This gives us about 50 more seating potential.  If we are 80% full on a Sunday morning, some you who don’t mind, please slip up and sit in the chairs.  We don’t want our guests to have to do this.  Please be aware of empty pew space and do everything possible to let our visitors come in and feel comfortable sitting.  We are having up to 5 new families each week visiting for the first time. If any of you would like to shift over to the 8:30 service, we have room for you there.

Third, remember that next Wednesday, August 8, our Wednesday night schedule starts back.  The schedule is new.  We still have supper available for those of you who can do that.  Promptly, at 6:00 each Wednesday I will be preaching in the sanctuary through the Book of Exodus until December.  Obviously, this will focus a great deal on the life of Moses.  At 6:30, the children and others will be coming into the sanctuary for a time of church-wide prayer.  We will finish this time at 6:40.  Can you imagine how exciting it would be on Wednesdays to grow into having 150-200 folks here for the service!!  God is blessing everything that happening and I expect this will be the same.

Again, this is longer than what I normally post, but if this helps get the information out, it has served the purpose.  I have been so blessed to have been pastor of 3 churches where I felt support and I loved the people.  Thank you Lord for Blessing me WAY BEYOND anything I deserve.  
Bro. Glenn