Upcoming Events!






October 30
Costume Party
November 1-3
Fall Retreat at Snowbird
November 14
Tim Hawkins at FBC Woodstock
November 20
Student Thanksgiving Feast
December 20
Progressive Dinner
Super Bowl Party
DNOW Community Youth Event
Community-wide Cookout
May 29-June 1
Summer Camp
July 18-25
Belize Mission Trip
Please make your check payable to:  First Baptist Church
and give to Josh, Laura, or the church office. 
Thank you!


The Romans Road


Throughout the history of the Church, we have looked to the book of Romans as the most complete proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In it, we can clearly see man’s lost condition in need of a Savior, and the beauty of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for our sins.

Our desire in these Fall Retreats is to introduce students to this rich Gospel truth and lead them into a deeper understanding of what it means to have our minds transformed by the power of the Word of God.